Safety and Technology at Blair Construction

Safety and technology at Blair Construction are top priority. For each project, we ensure quality work and a safe environment, using the best tools available.

Safety Is Our Priority

A family-driven company, Blair Construction is committed to providing a safe working environment for all of our employees, clients, and subcontractors. We know that construction safety is the culmination of a multitude of small decisions that are important in every aspect of our work. We also know that the little things that happen on our job sites are almost always the most important things. This is why we remain diligent in keeping safety in the workplace at the forefront, each and every day.

“Having safety as a mindset is vital to creating and maintaining a safe workplace. At Blair, we instill a safety mindset in all our personnel to help prevent workplace incidents before they occur. Being presented with new challenges every day, our personnel have the ability to critically think through a risk and protect themselves and others on the jobsite.”

– Blair Construction Safety Coordinator Scott McKee


Blair is a relationship business at our core. We know that strong teams make smart decisions, which is why we work to build relationships within our team, emphasizing communication and cooperation as we follow safety guidelines and identify hazards to prevent accidents.


Comprehensive, systematic training for all employees helps Blair manage safety risks, especially around heavy equipment. Continued mentorship offers support, maintaining safety standards and fostering teamwork.


At Blair, we know that managing risk for health and safety is a full-time job. Our experienced safety coordinator implements and oversees our safety programs, ensures job site safety, and maintains OSHA compliance. Regular project visits and inspections maintain and reinforce Blair’s culture of safety on each job.

Safety Plan

Planning for the worst-case scenario helps to prevent things from going wrong. At Blair, we continually update, improve, and tailor our comprehensive safety plans for each unique project. We review all aspects of the project, analyze the risks they may pose, and find the best solution to protect our personnel, subcontractors, and other visitors to the site.

Proven Track Record

Completing projects safely, on time, and on budget is vital for the success of Blair Construction and our clients. Focusing on our customer relationships, we have satisfied our clients time and again while safely completing our projects.

Blair sign and flag

A Leader in Innovative Technology

Operating for more than one hundred years, Blair Construction has worked continuously to implement the latest technologies. Our staying power? We know that to deliver the highest quality and efficiency we must use the best tools. 

Cutting-Edge Tools

All of our design-build projects begin by being drawn in three dimensions in REVIT in our office. That initial 3D model gives the client an immediate feel for how we can transform their dream into a reality.

Unmatched Quality

Verification of plans and specifications is critical to delivering a high-quality end product. Not only do our managers and supervisors analyze and verify with their trained eye, we utilize the Topcon line of positioning devices to verify critical parts of our projects. Additionally, we utilize livestream cameras and drones to document progress and real-time jobsite conditions and to provide feedback to our clients.

Competitive Advantage

Our investment in technology helps Blair provide added value to our clients, communicate and tell the story more effectively, and give our clients a feeling of confidently being part of the project.