Fred A. Blair

Fred Blair, owner of Blair Construction and leader of the Blair Construction team.

Fred Blair is the owner of Blair Construction. He grew up working with his father, ultimately taking over the family business from his father, William Addison Blair, in 1976. Since then, Fred has dedicated his life to growing Blair Construction into the thriving, relationship business it is today. After taking leadership of the company, Fred made the decision to focus on transitioning from residential to commercial construction. This shift has paid off for Blair Construction, which continuously grew under his leadership.

Fred comes from a line of Blair men who invested in delivering the best quality construction to the community. Over the decades, Fred has seen many changes come to the company, including not only the arrival of the first fax machine but also the implementation of tablets and drones on job sites. Fred has always made sure that Blair has been current with the latest technologies in order to provide the best possible results for clients.

Through all the changes, Fred’s dedication to the family business has made him the foundation of the Blair Construction family. He and son-in-law and president Timothy Clark have worked together to bring yearly sales to over $60 million.

“If you choose to have God in your life and work hard, you can come from virtually nothing and become anything.”


Mailing Address
Blair Construction
23020 US Highway 29
Gretna, VA 24557

(434) 656-6243

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Estimation: (434) 656-3290
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