Moore lays groundwork at Blair Construction for 40 years and counting

When Billy Moore graduated high school in 1982, his first priority was to find a job. More than 40 years later, he’s still an integral part of the Blair Construction team.

A native of Gretna, Virginia, Moore joined the Blair Construction family in 1982, initially because it was within walking distance of his family home. Fred Blair, who at that point was only six years into his tenure as the company’s owner after taking over for his father, William Blair, took a chance on the recent graduate. Now entering his fifth decade with the century-old construction firm, Moore is one of Blair’s longest-tenured employees.

“This was my first job out of high school and the only job I’ve ever had,” Moore says. 

Moore has filled a variety of roles with Blair over the years but has occupied his current position as a concrete superintendent since the 1990s. He specializes in foundations and footings, literally laying the groundwork for many of Blair’s projects. To date, he has been a part of more than 200 builds and witnessed firsthand Blair’s steady growth into the regional firm it is today.

“Blair Construction’s family-owned atmosphere makes it a solid place to work,” Moore said. “We’re a community of hard-working folks who make every effort to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.” 

Coming from a professional who has spent more than half his life with the same company, Moore knows the definition of long-term relationship. With more than 500 Blair construction projects completed since 2010 alone, Moore’s fingerprints – both literally and figuratively – remain on nearly every one.

“Billy is a critical part of the Blair team. When I stress the importance of bringing a building out of the ground right, the first time, every time…I am specifically thinking of Billy,” said Blair President Tim Clark. “His work sets the stage for the whole job. Blair prides itself on attracting people who are hard-working, knowledgeable, and take great pride in their work, and Billy has embodied those traits here for 40-plus years.”



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