Superintendent Eddie Atkins brings over three decades of experience to Blair Construction

A nearby native of Danville and a current resident of Callands, VA, Eddie Atkins joined Blair Construction in 1998 as a superintendent. Several decades later, he’s still using his vast experience to uphold company values and lead the Blair Construction team to success.

“In my 33 years of construction experience, I’ve never seen a company bring such a personal touch to each project as Blair Construction,” Atkins said. “The company President (Tim Clark) is involved or has knowledge of each and every project, creating a unique management relationship that distinguishes us from other companies.”

Eddie prides himself on being fair and honest in his role as superintendent working on a variety of projects from schools to medical facilities, commercial, and electrical facilities. He has enjoyed the ability to work outside and see a project grow from nothing to a finished product. In particular, he loves finding that spot where a construction project creates a win-win scenario between owners, architects and the construction company itself.

”Eddie Adkins has been a leader for Blair Construction on several of the largest and most impactful projects we have completed over the last 25 years,” said Blair President Tim Clark. “He epitomizes our values of doing what we say, treating people like we want to be treated, and being relationship driven.  Eddie has helped lay the foundation for what Blair has become as we have grown and expanded over the years.  I appreciate his commitment to our vision of making the world a better place one project at the time.”



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