Veteran shop tech Paul Towler helps keeps Blair running

There are few employees at Blair Construction whose impact is as far-reaching as Paul Towler’s. As the company’s shop technician, the Climax, Virginia, native services nearly every vehicle and piece of heavy equipment in Blair’s fleet — meaning his handiwork extends to every construction project in Blair’s portfolio.

For more than 30 years, Towler has kept Blair’s team on the road and kept Blair’s equipment in working order. From trucks to pile drivers and everything in between, Towler has fixed it all and, in turn, played a pivotal role in Blair’s growth in Virginia and North Carolina over the past several decades. 

“Paul’s role on our team often goes overlooked because when everything is working properly, you don’t pay it much attention,” said Blair Construction President Tim Clark. “But when something breaks down, it costs time and money the longer it’s out of service. We don’t really ever have to worry about that with Paul in the shop. He can fix pretty much anything we send him.”

Also a certified forklift operator, Towler joined Blair Construction in 1987 and is among the company’s longest-tenured employees. He began his Blair career working with concrete crews on various projects and has grown to service Blair’s entire transportation and equipment fleet. 

“I love the teamwork at Blair,” Towler said. “We have always had an open-door policy. Everybody knows their role and how it impacts everyone else around them. I do mine, everybody else does theirs, and that’s why we’ve been so successful.”



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